New Book Shows Companies How to Grow to $100 Million & Beyond


There are moCharted Path Breaking Through Cover Onlyre than 19,000 staffing firms in the US, but fewer than 700 generate over $25 million in revenue and only 140 have achieved the industry heights of building a $100 million business. What is it about those firms that have grown on their own from start up to the top echelons of the industry? How do they rise above the norm and break through the barriers to growth?

The new book Breaking Through: Leadership Disciplines from Top Performing Staffing Firms is an intimate look at leadership, profiling top executives across one of the world’s most dynamic and driven industries, and shares key leadership disciplines for revenue growth and lasting success in a global market that hit $428 billion in spend in 2017.

The book is co-written by Mike Cleland, Founder, Charted Path, and Barry Asin, President, Staffing Industry Analysts and will be available for order February 28, 2018. The book launch, along with author signing session, will take place February 28th at Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami Beach during the Executive Forum North America conference.

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