What do executives really want?

When we ask that question, the answer is usually growth. While that is important, we look at what leaders want beyond growth. We ask, what kind of company do you want to walk into every day? What do you want beyond your three-year revenue goal? We capture the true vision of the company leaders and make it happen.

Readiness Assessment

The readiness assessment is the initial step to preparing your company for breakthrough growth.  Assessments lay the groundwork for growth by identifying and prioritizing improvements that will enable your company to reach its full potential.  Assessments are customized to ensure they meet the unique needs of your company by considering the following: executive vision, staffing vertical, company size, leadership team maturity, growth strategy, and operational capabilities.

Growth Summits

Growth summits are onsite collaborative workshops with key leaders that review the state of readiness and identify how the leadership disciplines must improve to achieve accelerated growth.  These improvements are then prioritized and incorporated into a change management plan to maximize adoption while minimizing disruption.

Leadership Development

Ongoing executive coaching for CEO’s and their senior management team leveraging Breaking Through’s five discipline framework: Commitment, Direction, Culture, Talent Development, and Execution.  This offering is ideal for rapidly growing firms that need to accelerate the development of their leadership teams or are attempting to lead significant change management initiatives that require additional executive support.

Investor Services

Advisory for financial buyers based on a combination of market research and industry expertise to help evaluate the growth readiness for potential investments. In addition, competitiveness assessments can be conducted for existing investments to identify performance bottlenecks and provide recommendations to improve growth and ROI.


Road Maps to Growth for Leadership Teams
in the Staffing Industry.