Empowering Staffing Leaders to Achieve Breakthrough Performance

More Than a Methodology

At Charted Path, we work exclusively with owners, executives and investors in the Staffing Industry.
This focus along with our practical industry experience provides value beyond a methodology.
It is a proven, adaptable approach that empowers leaders with sustainable solutions that work.

Focused on Your Vision

Every company is a reflection of the executive’s vision and values.   We know
you have invested valuable time and money into growing your business and
building a strong culture.  Our customized solutions build a framework for
success that drives performance while aligning with your visionary direction and personal goals.

Leveraging Your Strengths

Every successful staffing business has a culture fueled by a distinct identity.  What makes
you unique? How are you better than the competition?  Why do you win? Charted Path capitalizes on your particular strengths
and targets solutions with maximum impact and minimal disruption.

About Mike Cleland

Mike Cleland is the founder of Charted Path, a performance consulting firm for staffing companies. Cleland has 23+ years in the industry and has worked over the last eight years with more than 80 staffing firms in every major vertical, focusing on leadership team development and organizational improvements. He has also worked with private equity firms to assist in the evaluation of potential investments and has assisted in post-merger change management initiatives. His latest book, Breaking Through: Leadership Disciplines from Top Performing Staffing Firms, was co-authored with Barry Asin, president of SIA, and released in early 2018 as a follow-up to Behind the Wheel: Driving Excellence in Staffing Operations.



Road Maps to Growth for Leadership Teams
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