Webinar: Metrics for the Staffing Industry

On Thursday, July 26, I will be hosting a webinar sponsored by eRecruit on Metrics for the Staffing Industry. In this webinar, I will discuss how the right metrics portfolio can
empower management decision making to ensure both short and long term competitiveness. It is important to understand that the right metric portfolio can help executives and leaders

  • Measure Results
  • Provide a Leading Indicator
  • Identify Operational Weaknesses
  • Reveal Investment Opportunites
  • Drive Individual Accountability
  • Measure Change

In this webinar, we will discuss Financial Metrics as well as Personnel Metrics and Operational Metrics. The Operational Metrics will include both the Sales and Delivery Model. Once the right metrics portfolio is in place, the metrics can help quantify change, determine if change is feasible, provide data for effective change management and hold all levels of the organization accountable.

I look forward to having you join us on this Metrics Webinar.

Mike Cleland

President, Charted Path